BASF PGM Project Breaks Ground. April.22, 2010
SCIP Awarded the Title of New Industrial Production Pioneering Base Feb.2, 2010
SCIP Public Open Day June.10, 2010
SCIP Emergency Rescue Team Establishes May.28, 2010
Bode Lubricants Opens June. 10, 2010
Huayi Group and SCIP Restructures Logistics Company. June 29, 2010
Shanghai Caojing Power Plant (2*1000MW) Project 35,000dwt Coal Port Launches. Sep.10, 2009


Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is the first industrial zone specialized in the development of petrochemical and fine chemistry businesses, and also one of the four industrial production bases in Shanghai. It is built with advanced development conception of World-Class and large-scaled chemical park. It is to provide investors in the Park with best investment environment by combination of production projects, public utilities, logistics, environmental protection and administration services. SCIP is set out to be one of the largest and the most integrated and advanced world petrochemical bases in Asia.
Announcement on Land Price Adjustment by Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co., Ltd
In accordance with the land laws and regulations of People's Republic of China and Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co., Ltd. ("SCIPDC"), based on the increment of the actual land development costs of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park ("SCIP") and with reference to the land prices of similar regions, decided to increase the starting price of the land use rights transfer in SCIP in the bidding process to RMB 750 yuan/m2, while SCIPDC reserves the rights to adjust the land price based on the changes in market, policies and laws.
It is hereby announced.
Augest 27, 2013
  Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co., Ltd
Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administration Committee