Based on requirement for transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry as well as strategic emerging industry development, in line with High-End Development Planning for Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, following development path of One Focus, Two Clusters, and Multiple Business Integration, SCIP is constantly promoting upward movement of main industries on campus into higher end of the industrial chain and value chain, so that it can lead the upgrading of chemical industry in Shanghai and enable manufacturing industry to become more competitive.
  • 1One Focus
    Focusing on innovative devekopment of basic materials projects
    optimizing molecular oil refinery, low-carbon materials to olefin, downstream of high-end olefin, and syngas supply
  • 2Two Clusters
    Chemical New Materials
    high-performance resin, special rubber and thermoplastic elastomer, high-performance fiber, high-performance membrane materials, electronic ceramic materials, new energy battery materials, nano-whisker materials and grapheme material
    High-End Specialty Chemicals
    electronic chemicals, new environmental-friendly chemicals, high-end specialty coatings, specialty surfactants and special purpose adhesive materials