• 201406/04

    SCIP is designated as one of the seven major national petrochemical bases

  • 201203/02

    SCIP is upgraded into national economic and technological development park

  • 200909/21

    Management area is expanded to 36.1 square kilometers following inclusion of Jinshan Park and Fengxian Park into SCIP’s administrative jurisdiction.

  • 200712/11

    SCIP has attracted projects worth more than 10 billion US dollars investment capital

  • 200506/29

    Leading project in SCIP--Shanghai SECCO’s 900,000 ton ethylene project is up and running.

  • 200504/16

    With the completion of Phase 2 reclamation project, West Land Parcel with 60000 square kilometers is developed, thus expanding planned area to 29.4 square kilometers

  • 200202

    Following the approval of SCIP Overall Planning and SCIP Regional Development Environmental Impact Statement Report by State Development Planning Commission(SDPC) and State Environmental Protection Administration(SEPA), SCIP is included into national strategic agenda for chemical industry development.

  • 200101/06

    Grand ceremony for SCIP’s commencement of work was held, ushering in full-swing development efforts for the park

  • 199901/03

    SCIP is qualified as a municipal-level industrial park

  • 199804/26

    Following completion of Phase One Project of reclaiming land from sea, South Land Parcel of 10 square meters is developed

  • 199609/28

    Project Initiation of Phase One Project of land reclamation from sea

  • 199608/12

    Decision for establishing SCIP in Caojing area is made at Executive Meeting by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government