• 01 Company Mission

    Creating a World-Class Chemical Industrial Park to Embrace a Green Future.

    Our mission of Creating a World-Class Chemical Industrial Park is the reason for our existence and development and it’s also the long-term commitment of all employees.
    As a responsible best-in-class chemical industrial park in China, SCIP is committed to Embracing a Green Future to promote sustainable development of chemical industries in China and the whole world.

  • 02 Corporate Spirit

    Innovation-Minded, Development-Oriented, Harmonious and Best-in-Class

    Innovation-Minded: We are ready to innovate our thinking, development mechanism and management approach to create a new chapter for SCIP’s development.
    Development-Oriented: We aim to pursue sustainable development for our company and all-around development for our employees as we are promoting SCIP’s development.
    Harmonious: We endeavor to create an enabling environment to achieve harmony between our chemical production and ecosystem, industrial park and neighboring community, investors and developers,as well as employees and employers.
    Best-in-Class: We are fully dedicated to practicing best-in-class philosophy, clustering best-in-class talents, embracing best-in-class technologies, delivering best-in-class services, cultivating best-in-class talents, building best-in-class image, advocating best-in-class culture, developing best-in-class company and establishing best-in-class chemical industrial park.

  • 03 Corporate Vision

    We aspire to become an Internationally-Influential Industrial Development Group capable of building a world-class petrochemical base.

    The vision of Becoming An Internationally-Influential Industrial Development Group represents our firm commitment to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming a world-renowned industrial park.
    Building A World-Class Petrochemical Base represents our ambition to stay ahead of the curve in leading structural upgrading of global chemical industries.

  • 04 Brand Philosophy

    Sustainable, Competitive, Innovative and Professional

    S-Sustainable——Being committed to the fundamental philosophy of sustainable development, circular economy and green development.
    C-Competitive——Staying competitive by creating a business-friendly investment environment, a sound safety and environmental protection system, and a well-functioning infrastructure and supporting services.
    I-Innovative——Making innovations in management, technologies and culture, and adopting an innovation-driven approach for the long-term development of SCIP.
    P-Professional——Making SCIP the most professional industrial park on basis of professional services and management teams.